At least according to the estimates of Deloitte coming from this year report about the use of smartphones among 55+ users in the developed countries.

Please find below, in my opinion, the most interesting information from the report:

  • people who are over 55 are becoming the fastest growing group of smartphone users in the developed countriessmartphone was considered as ‘the main telephone’ by the participants of the research ; the research was carried out among others in such countries like: Belgium, France, Finland and Germany
  • by 2020 the differences between age groups will have become less and less significantit seems to be a natural consequence of the fact that it will be soon virtually impossible to purchase a stationary phone 🙂

  • people who are over 55 are not likely to download mobile applicationseven if they do it, they don’t download many of them; why? one of the reasons has to do with mobile app stores offering millions of apps. Thus, the first encounter might be for many overwhelming – to an extent that users decide to never come back again.Below you’ll find the chart showing how many users have never downloaded a single mobile app.


The full raport is available HERE

Użytkownicy, którzy nigdy nie ściągnęli aplikacji mobilnej

Users who have never dowlnloaded even one mobile app by age .