Your girlfriend is wearing a lipstick in the colour you’ve always been looking for. There is, however, a problem – she can’t remember its name and what’s more, the inscription, numbers and labels have worn away. What’s next?

It’s simple. Take a photo of her (I mean the photo of the lipstick she’s wearing 😉 ). When back home just turn on any graphics editor which allows one to select colours (Photoshop, Gimp). Select the colour of the lipstick from the photo and click ‘Print’. After a while the lipstick in the colour you’ve been always looking for is yours.

Now imagine that you can do the same thing with any other colour you can find on the Internet and that you can use it to create whatever you want e.g. face powder, eye shadow, and blush.

It might sound next to impossible but Mink –  a small size 3D printer which can do such things – will soon be available on the market.  It’s expected to cost $300.

Who has come up with such an idea? Of course, a woman.  Grace Choi – the graduate of Harvard Business School, is the head of the project.

I’m wondering what cosmetic companies are going to say about it 😉