And I’m not going to write anything about Endomondo-like apps 😉

Those of you who often ride a bike, especially in big cities, tend to come across at least two problems:

Problem 1:  Thieves

Problem 2:  Where’s my bike? (the counterpart of the problem of the type “Where’s my car?” – mainly in big parking facilities and shopping centres 😉 )

24h Frolic Bike Bell

It’s an answer to problem 2. No wonder, the project was started in Amsterdam. The city bike traffic is one of the biggest in the world there. Many people travel to work by underground. They usually get to an underground station by bike and leave it there.

It looks as follows:

Near Amsterdam Main Station

Bikes near the main train station in Amsterdam.

Even if we have a good memory and we exactly know where we’ve left our vehicle it might not be enough 🙂 Being in a hurry, people move bikes about and put one onto another etc. Frolic helps us find our bike quickly.


The solution – a bell with an in-built Bluetooth (BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy) and a mobile app 🙂 In short, the app remembers the location of our bike. Additionally, it allows one to remotely control the bell – in case our bike was on the bottom of the pile ;). So if we’re in a place where our bike should be, but we can’t see it – we can remotely ring the bell.

The guys from Frolic needed 24h to create the prototype, at least that’s what they say 😉 )  – that’s where the name comes from. I’m really impressed 🙂


“Świerszcz” in Polish 🙂 is a device of the size of a bottle cap. Its main role is to inform the bike owner about what is going on with their bike. When someone is tampering with our bike or simply touching it – Cricket sends a signal to the mobile app within 10 seconds. If the bike gets stolen, not only can we track its position but the device informs all Cricket owners nearby that a thief is running away with our bike. There’re many more ways in which this device can be used – e.g. it can be carried in a bag.

Cricket can be pre-ordered here: . It was supposed to have been released in the spring this year, but it seems that the plan misfired. The device costs $39.


This is the second product which is supposed to solve the problem of stolen bikes. It’s a solar-powered automatic U-lock which informs us about any attempt at stealing our bike.

How does it work?

We can lock/unlock our U-lock with just one touch of the button in the app (no need for struggling with the lock and looking for a key in pockets). Similarly to Cricket, Skylock alarms us whenever someone is touching our bike. Exposing Skylock to the sunlight for an hour is supposed the keep it running for a week.

It’s going to be ready for pre-order in the spring of 2015. The pre-order price: $159, later: $249.

Product webpage:

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