Smart Senior – senior citizens with smartphones

The article was published in a polish monthly marketing magazine     The mobile phone is one of the fastest developing inventions in human history. Its new form, a smartphone, is according to research an indispensable companion of young people aged 18-29. Most of adverts, games and apps are directed at this, and even younger, age group. However it seems that the time has come for getting interested in other

Pocket: save it for later

Pocket is one of my favourite apps as it is useful everywhere. Its main function is saving (or more precisely: collecting) websites. The greatest advantages: it satisfies two very simple needs: to add webpages to the “to read later” list, and then to find them easily very user-friendly interface  tagging which also allows for category creation  possibility to install a Chrome add-on, which speeds up the process of adding the

Expedia – book your flight or hotel

Expedia is the thing for your holidays, but also a useful app for those living out of a suitcase. The app is a nice and easy way to book hotels and flights all around the world. I’m impressed by its interface. Even just browsing through the offers is so pleasant that you just can’t stop it (it might be just my personal professional deviation though) 😉   The greatest advantages: finding