The end of Braille?!

Braille writing system was a breakthrough invention for 1829. Even more so since the first attempts at its creation took place already in the Renaissance and Erasmus of Rotterdam was one of the first people meddling with the issue. Currently, we are in a sort of Renaissance – but a technological one. I think trying to create something better than protruding patterns on paper are quite a breakthrough now, as

Charging planned, or how we are going to charge our smartphones in 5 years’ time

Everyone knows that charging a smartphone in the middle of the day is a must for some of us. USB cable, chargers and power banks are quite troublesome (I, for instance, keep forgetting mine all the time)… and frankly speaking they are becoming boring 😉 However, it turns out that many people around the world are working on satisfying us and making charging cables a thing of the past. How

Practical, mobile and for bikers

And I’m not going to write anything about Endomondo-like apps 😉 Those of you who often ride a bike, especially in big cities, tend to come across at least two problems: Problem 1:  Thieves Problem 2:  Where’s my bike? (the counterpart of the problem of the type “Where’s my car?” – mainly in big parking facilities and shopping centres 😉 ) 24h Frolic Bike Bell It’s an answer to problem 2.

Print yourself an eye shadow

Your girlfriend is wearing a lipstick in the colour you’ve always been looking for. There is, however, a problem – she can’t remember its name and what’s more, the inscription, numbers and labels have worn away. What’s next? It’s simple. Take a photo of her (I mean the photo of the lipstick she’s wearing 😉 ). When back home just turn on any graphics editor which allows one to select

Is your mobile phone dead? Go for a walk!

The energy needed for taking just one step would be enough to lighten up a bulb. Matt Stanton and Hannah Alexander from Carnegie Mellon University decided to put this waste of energy to an end and created an insole which can store electric energy. This invention is supposed to be an alternative to the traditional chargers and docking stations powered by solar energy. The project goes by the name of